Morfit back support moulds to fit your back perfectly, enabling you to drive in good posture for maximum pain relief.

Morfit back support for driving - features and benefits

Driving posture with Morfit

How Morfit works

Driving back pain is caused when the back is not supported properly by the vehicle seat and the spine is able to slump back into a C curve, flattening and losing its natural S curve. Morfit supports you to hold good driving posture. It moulds to your back to create a custom fit, giving you the precise amount of support you need. See how Morfit works.

Morfit customer

Recommended by customers and healthcare practitioners

Our customers tell us they have less back pain driving, less driving fatigue, improved concentration, and more. Many healthcare practitioners also recommend Morfit.  Read their testimonials.

Morfit inventor Martin Rooke, osteopath

Medically approved design

Morfit is designed by Martin Rooke, an osteopath with more than 30 years of experience.

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