What is Morfit?

car seat back support - morfit convertible

Morfit is an ergonomic back support for people who get back pain or stiffness from sitting in a car or other type of vehicle. [more]

Designed for driving


Morfit was especially designed for car and other vehicle seats. It moulds to fit both you and your vehicle seat, and hugs your sides to give cornering support. [more]

Medical professional testimonials


Morfit was invented by Osteopath Martin Rooke, and is endorsed by numerous medical professionals. [more]

Proven to reduce back pain

Overall pain score reduced:   100%
Pain score reduced to 1 or less:   53%
Pain score reduced to zero:   33%
Morfit is the only back support that we are aware of that has been proven to reduce back pain in a user trial. [more]

Welcome UK customers!


Morfit is available for you to buy now online, and usually only takes 7-10 days to arrive in the UK. [more]

The technology behind Morfit

Morfit is an intelligent back support, filled granular material that flows to fit the shape of your back. This shape is then locked in to create a thin, firm support that fits you exactly.