When we have low back pain, good habits become even more important. Here are some tips to help:

Every 15 minutes

Stand up every 15 mins and then walk for one minute. Do not stand still and stretch. Walking sends fresh blood to your spinal joints and muscles, so it not only improves the pain, it also speeds healing. It is also good for your brain and thought processes. Try and associate this with doing something productive, like going to the printer. This helps you to continue with this habit when the pain improves.

Every 30 minutes

The brain consumes 20% of our resting energy requirements. Prolonged sitting reduces blood flow to the brain. A two-minute walk every 30 minutes has been shown to be the best combination to maintain normal brain blood flow. https://medicalxpress.com/news/2018-08-hours-blood-brain.html

How to sit

Sit in good posture. There are two standard good sitting postures:

  1. Sitting right back in the chair and using the lumbar support of the chair to support your back.
  2. Perching at the front of the chair, with you knees lower than your hips, this does not use the chair’s lumbar support, but it opens the hip angle and makes it easier to sit tall. Tilting the seat base forwards if possible also helps.
Diagram of two good postures to adopt while sitting at at desk

Two good ways to sit at a desk

How to sit on a stool with good posture

Good (left) and bad (right) posture – sitting on a seat with no back