morfit before and after moulding to your shape

How Morfit stops driving-related back pain

If your car seat doesn’t support your  ‘neutral’ standing posture, your spine will slump backwards into the seat, eventually leading to back stiffness and/or pain.

A portable lumbar support can correct your posture and prevent pain– but only if it’s the right shape to fill the exact gap between your seat and your back.

The magic of Morfit is that it morphs to fit your unique shape. It gives you exactly the right support in all the right places.

How it works

Before you mould it to the shape of your back, Morfit is soft and malleable. In this state it will adopt the impression of any shape you press into it. When you place it behind your back, it moulds to fit the unique shape of your back.

So long as you sit in good posture during the moulding phase (about 10 seconds) it will support you to maintain this posture while you relax back into your now perfectly-fitting seat.

Quick setup

How it’s different

What our customers say

Ian Piebenga – PermaPine, NZ

As the business owner of a leading manufacturer of timber products, our team spend long hours operating heavy machinery and lumbar support can become an issue. We purchased 2 Morfits to trial and our team were so happy with the results that we purchased 8 more.

David Moloney, County Antrim, Ireland

I had a serious car accident years back and damaged my spine and I was told I would be in a wheelchair by age of 50. I was not able to accept this and fought through pain and did what I could to ease it when possible.

Over Christmas I travelled to Cork to see my family. This is a 5 hour drive and usually leaves me in considerable pain and I need a lot of rest on arrival. This time, with Morfit, when I arrived the family came out as usual to help me out of the car and they were shocked that I was ok. Yes, I was fairly sore but nothing like it used to be and with rest I was as good as before I travelled.

What can I say, the claims are correct and you have a fantastic product. I have told everyone I see how it has improved my pain level when driving. Also told my one of my doctors and will be informing the consultant when I next see him. 2014

Janice Blamey, NZ

This is a second purchase for me as I gave my previous one to my daughter and then ordered a new one for myself. I have probably had my original one for about three years and purchased it after reading about it in the NZMCA magazine. I have severe osteoporosis in my spine and find the Morfit back support absolutely marvellous. 2017

Grange Gordon, Commercial Landscaper, NZ

I am a landscaper driving trucks, diggers and many other vehicles. I have always found the lumbar support in seats to be a problem. I have tried many different supports. Since I purchased a Morfit back support I have found great relief in all the seats that I have used it in, including the large commercial vehicles. I am writing to show my appreciation for such a good product and wholeheartedly endorse it. A big thing is the ease of transfer from one seat to another and the ability to adjust it perfectly each time. 2017

Chris Miller, Campervan passenger, NZ

I used to get uncomfortable after a couple of hours driving my motorhome, but now with Morfit this no longer happens. 2016

Carol Cuthbert, Campervan passenger, Oxford, UK

I can now arrive at campsites with a smile on my face. 2016

Sandy Holland, Nelson, NZ

In the past, travelling for long distances in the car, I have experienced considerable lower back pain. I have used the Morfit Back Support for over a year now and have travelled over 8 thousand kms in two separate trips. I have found the Support very effective and without it these trips would have been extremely uncomfortable. Thanks Martin, so glad I discovered your product. 2016

Ian Hendra, Race and Rally Car Club, NZ

I tried it in my race seat for just one run … fantastic, great support, much more comfortable and it reduced stress in my lower back. I tried it in my race seat for just one run at the rather bumpy Shelly Bay Sprint, yesterday. Fantastic, great support, much more comfortable and it reduced stress in my lower back so my shoulders were supported better which probably made me safer. It certainly helped me go faster. Bought it on the spot, no doubt it’s a great buy. My wife is using it in her car today, and finding it very helpful. For the record, both us are “experts” at back trouble…both of us have triple lumbar fusions! Thanks Martin… your work! 2016

Paul A Currie, Herts, UK

It helped my back to get the support it needed and stopped me curving me back which was part of my problem… I would recommend this device for its simplicity and the results it delivered. Two years ago I was undergoing treatment for a painful lower back. I had a number of treatments that helped but my issue was the discomfort after sitting in the car for a number of hours. It was suggested that I try a portable lower back support while driving. The Morfit was very easy to use and totally personalised to my needs. I used it in a number of cars and it was very easily fitted ad adjusted. I found the variable deflation system excellent as I could adjust as needed during the journey. It helped my back to get the support it needed and stopped me curving me back which was part of my problem. 2016

Annie Boanas, Wellington, NZ

I found Morfit incredibly effective in relieving my lower back pain. One of the worst things for my back is having to bend down to put my two children in their car seats. By the time I sit down to drive, the pain in my back and right leg is so intense I find it hard to drive far. After using the Morfit I noticed such a difference, reduced pain in my back and no leg pain. The biggest thing I noticed was after driving even short distances my back was a lot less stiff. I would definitely recommend Morfit! 2014

Lindy-Anne Walker, 4WD navigator, NZ

Thanks again for sending through the Morfit for my back I found it made a huge difference on our long drive to Queenstown and back once I had it adjusted to suit me, We also went four wheel driving to Mace Town so I thought this will be an awesome test for Morfit. It managed to support my back for the whole trip and I stepped out of my husbands truck without being bent over in stiff pain. So thanks again I will be recommending Morfit!!! 2014

Andrew Thomson – Courier driver, Gore, NZ

I had a severe pain that developed in the buttock area and caused my left thigh and calf to cramp. After only a few weeks of using Morfit the extreme pain reduced to a mild discomfort and as a result driving is a pleasure once again. 2013

Jono Lester, Professional racing driver, NZ

Morfit was incredibly comfortable in a race seat. Tried Morfit in Suzuka and my BMW – super impressed! 2013

Jean Henderson, Aberdeen, UK

Morfit is MAGIC. I was given Morfit as a present when I was in New Zealand recently. For a number of years. if I drove more than a few miles, I would get shooting pains and cramps in my right buttock and down the back of my right leg. Having got Morfit safely back to Aberdeen, Scotland, I have tried it out thoroughly. The biggest test so far has been to drive to Forfar (near Dundee) and back – a round trip of almost a hundred miles. Result – no pains or cramps and not as stiff getting out of the car as I usually am. So I am really very happy with Morfit. It has certainly taken the pain out of driving for me and made it much more of a pleasure. I would recommend anyone with back or associated pain when driving to give Morfit a try. 2013

Lisa Reynolds, Wellington, NZ

So I have a prolapse disc which made it agony to drive. Now I never drive or travel in the front seat without one, so comfortable. I just toured the North Island, NZ, with no pain. 2013