Proof of Morfit’s effectiveness: real measure from the real world

We measure Morfit’s effectiveness with our “Relief or Return” guarantee.

Under this guarantee our customers can return Morfit for a full refund if they are not 100% satisfied.

Proof of efficacy from our product user trial

In 2013 we undertook a product user trial to help us understand the impact of Morfit on a range of people while driving. Since the trial was carried out by us we accept that it was subject to bias.

Everyone who participated could verify that before the trial began their lumbar support while driving was inadequate.


We first asked potential users to carry out our simple Morfit Slump Test. This determined whether the lumbar support in their vehicle was inadequate to maintain their neutral spinal posture. If they ‘passed’ the slump test they were not chosen to take part.

  • 75 people ‘failed’ our morfit slump test and took part in our user trial.

  • Users were a mix of 48 men and 27 women, aged 20 – 70 years. The biggest groups being  30’s = 23%; 40’s = 25%; 50’s = 28%.

  • They each used the Morfit for an average of 3 weeks.

  • After the trial, 62 participants were interviewed by telephone for us to gather qualitative and quantitative feedback. (13 people dropped out for various reasons.)

The questions they were asked included:

  • Did they have back pain driving in the week before the trial started?

  • If “yes”
  • What was their Numerical Pain Rating Scale (NPRS) when driving for the week before the trial?
  • What was their NPRS when driving for the last week of the trial?
  • Our instruction booklet’s ease of understanding?
  • Any design improvements?
  • Morfit’s ease of use?
  • Make and model of vehicle they used Morfit in?
  • How much did they drive?
  • What type of driving , i.e. length of each journey; stop/rest intervals?
    Their age – within a decade?
  • Expected retail price?
  • Any surprises or other comments?


30 users could provide a NPRS.

Of these:

reported a reduction in pain while using Morfit.
reduced their NPRS to 1/10 or less
reduced their NPRS to 0/10
  • NPRS range = 1 TO 8/10

  • Average start NPRS = 4.8/10
  • Average finish NPRS = 1.33/10
  • Number of NPRS increased = 0

Answers to the more qualitative questions helped us understand the habits and issues of users.

Morfit trial results graph


While this was a product user trial carried out by us and therefore subject to bias, the results gave us great confidence that when Morfit is used in the correct situation and in the correct manner, its ability to reduce back pain levels is excellent.